The Original Red Meat: What if we swapped beef for...

The Original Red Meat: What if we swapped beef for venison?

So much of what we eat today is farmed using unsustainable methods, pumped full of growth stimulants and antibiotics, and kept in inhumane conditions.

Can hunting offer a sustainable alternative?

Here, Hunter Green argues that we should instead be getting our meat from the land around us.

He says:


“For some time now my family has been off beef, because, as a hunter, I have access to natural meat alternatives. The staple of that is the original red meat, Whitetail Deer. At a greater protein content and lower cholesterol rate, venison is packed with iron, niacin, omega 3 fatty acids, B6, B12 and riboflavin. You can’t go wrong.

“As humans, our lives have intertwined with deer since the dawn of mankind. As a natural predator to the Whitetail deer, we are an important component to the balance of the eco-system.

“It is the ultimate sustainable food source.”


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