10 vintage gun adverts for hunters from the 40s and 50s

These vintage gun adverts, found on the pages of Field and Stream Magazine during the 40s and 50s, demonstrate a post WWII era in which the demand for new hunting guns had not been seen before.

In a time when most families wouldn’t even have a television, let alone Facebook, this would be the first time that most keen hunters would lay eyes on a brand new model.

Scroll down to check out ten of the best vintage hunting adverts:


1. “But This One’s My Favorite” Savage, 1944

vintage hunting adverts

2. “Date At Dawn For The Man With A Winchester” 1946

vintage hunting adverts

3. “Give him year ’round fun” Winchester, 1958

vintage hunting adverts

4. “Smashing Power Will Get Him” Savage, 1947vintage hunting advert

5. “You May Be Missing Something” Winchester, 1947

vintage hunting advert

6. “Jimmie’s First Gun” Remington, 1944

vintage hunting advert

7. “You Can’t Beat A Savage, Jim” Savage, 1945vintage hunting advert

8. “Put An End To His Career Pronto”  Marlin, 1944vintage hunting advert

9. “Gives More Than A Thrill” Harrington & Richardson, 1946vintage hunting advert

10. “No Limit For The Man With The Winchester” 1946vintage hunting advert

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