Guide: The Ultimate Camping Essentials for Hunting in Scandinavia [promoted]

There are few places left in the world which offer complete wilderness hunting. But head deep into Scandinavia and you can surround yourself with vast terrain, a selection of wild moose, bear and wolves - and not another soul insight. To complete the adventure, head off the beaten track and spend your nights under the stars.

But what to take on the ultimate hunting adventure?

Whether you’re hunting for moose in Finland, capercaillie in Sweden, deer in Denmark or musk ox in Norway, you can be sure to be surrounded by breathtaking scenes. However, one thing that is never certain in Scandinavia is the weather, and with temperatures plunging deep below zero you’ll need kit that won’t compromise under extreme conditions.

Planning is essential to survive the inclement conditions, so here’s the ultimate camping kit for your hunting trip in Scandinavia - in collaboration with Nordisk

camping Scandinavia gear list

Cut the load with a featherweight tent

Drastically reduce the weight of your kit with the award winning and super lightweight Lofoten tent. At only 490g (1.1lbs)  it has to be one of the lightest two layer tents in the world and can be pitched in just 2 minutes. With 3 layers of silicone coating on each side the tent offers high durability and water repellency – is there anything worse than spending the night in a leaking tent?



camping Scandinavia gear list

Sleep without fear of frostbite

If you’re going to brave Scandinavia’s harsh extremes, you need a sleeping bag designed for ultimate survival. In fact, keeping warm when you’re inactive is the foundation for a successful hunting trip, so it’s imperative you invest wisely in a sleeping bag. Firstly, make sure your bag fits you – so you can minimise the air around your body that needs to be heated.

This hooded bag is designed for temperatures plunging down as far as -40 celsius. With extreme thermal efficiency and a breathable membrane, this purely performance driven sleeping bag compresses right down. This is the sleeping bag for hardcore hunters.



Scandinavia camping guide

Invest in a decent sleeping mat

With today’s cutting edge technology and design capabilities, a night in the great outdoors can still be comfier than a night in your own bed. For hunters who plan on getting up at the crack of dawn, a good night’s sleep is a necessary investment. With an ultra-low weight and minute pack size but zero compromise on protection and comfort, the Grip 2.5 is an essential part of the pack list for hunters looking to spend the night outside in Scandinavia. The self-inflating mat weighs just 340g, gets down to a pack size of 12 x 26cm and makes waking up before sunrise just that tinier bit easier.



camping Scandinavia guide

Make a great fire

Make sure you’ve all the kit you need for your campfire, as it is the first thing you should set up at your destination. Cut even more weight from your load by bringing along these aluminum plates and cups, which are not only durable and lightweight, but also double up as small pans. With easy clean surfaces, these make a great addition to a hunting pack list.



camping Scandinavia guide

Get ready to embrace the fats

The colder the weather, the more calories your body will use to keep warm, so make sure you eat enough fats and carbohydrates during your adventure. But make sure to cut down on the number of utensils in your packlist by bringing along this foldable spork.  The super lightweight tool is a must-have piece of gear for hunters who want to enjoy their spoils from the hunt in the great outdoors.



camping guide scandinavia.

Be kind to your body

If you’re spending hours on foot heading deep into the wilderness you need the right support. And with a sternum strap and ergonomically designed shoulder straps this durable rucksack offers a tight and comfortable fit.



camping guide scandinavia.

Protect your kit at all costs

While you can be sure the Scandinavian landscape will be spectacular, there is never a guarantee of clear weather, making a rain cover for your kit essential. Check out this reflective cover, which offers high visibility in the dark.



camping guide scandinavia.

Bring enough layers

Make sure you have enough space for all your hunting gear with these awesome compression bags. The soft, sturdy and waterproof plastic will keep your clothes, towels and the like protected, while reducing them to the smallest possible size.



camping guide scandinavia.

Don’t fall foul to the damp

When you’re on the move it’s imperative to have a fast drying towel that won’t expand or dampen the rest of your kit. Which is why this extremely absorbent and lightweight towel is perfect for hunters dreaming of escaping into the wilderness.


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