How to cook and prepare crow: Pan fried crow recipe

How to cook and prepare crow: Pan fried crow recipe

For those of you who don’t know Scott Rea, the British award-winning butcher is back with another down to earth insight into butchery and cooking.

In this video he tackles cooking crow – a meat which not many have tried and some compare to pigeon.

Despite the size of the bird, the breast is relatively small making the removal a quick process. All that’s needed next is a quick wash, a long soak in a saline solution, before the cooking can take place.

If you’re worried about consuming the nasty things that a city crow can carry, Scott assures his viewers that the crows he’s preparing were harvested from deep in the countryside and had consumed ‘a very varied diet, not just carrion, but seed, beans, and so forth.’

So, make sure you avoid harvesting any raggedy, city crows to enjoy the same standard of meat.

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