Live or die: Surviving the harsh Norwegian winter as a trapper

Last winter I spent three months all alone in a small cabin close to the lake Skjækervatnet in Northern Norway. I was hired as a trapper and had to live off what the mountains provided. My two Gordon Setters and I hunted and trapped small game for fur and ate whatever we hunted and fished.

“This was a huge challenge…was it possible to survive?”


From December to March I had to deal with the bitter cold, total darkness, and voracious storms. But this was also a big motivation. I wanted to see whether I could learn how to deal with nature under these conditions.


I spent so many days working hard, freezing, and being hungry but gradually the days got longer and warmer. Finally, when February arrived I realised that I would make it – I would survive the winter. I had managed to live with the storms and the cold. I had fed myself and the dogs for three months.

Sitting on a mountain top at the end of the project I was overwhelmed by a feeling I had never felt before. It’s impossible to feel that way when living in civilisation.

This winter I will try to do something similar, in some other place.

You are welcome to follow me on my journey!

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