The Best Professional Hunting Video of 2017

the Monocular wants to celebrate the hunting movies that inspire us to get outside, become better and more responsible hunters and secure that hunting culture survives for many generations. So, we launched the Monocular Video Awards 2017, with four categories for professional and amateur films.

For the Best Professional Hunting Video category, our global hunting community was given this brief: "the Monocular recognises the most outstanding and inspired work that hunters make professionally or in collaboration with brands. "

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1) Sport of Kings

A.J De Rosa
Falconry is the oldest field sport in the world. Long before the introduction of the shotgun it was at the forefront of hunting upland birds. It become the Sport of Kings in the far east and Middle East many years before it came to North America.

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Mathews Archery
This awesome advert from Mathews Archery looks at female archers and bowhunters in their day to day lives. In this advert, the brand makes a point of showcasing women in the way they actually shoot, socialise, work and train.

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3) The Modern Bowhunter 

Nordic Story
Bowhunting is more than just hunting. Ulrik never chose to hunt, hunting has just always been with him. In this video follow him as he bowhunts in Denmark.

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4) Mera Safar

Rustic River Media
In this incredible short film, follow Mike Axelrad, an experienced hunter and adventurer, as he explores the unseen sights of Pakistan – both its landscape and its culture. With a plethora of game animals and wild terrains, Pakistan is home to some of the greatest hunting in the world – yet it’s often overlooked.

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5) The hunt for my dream trophy

Jacob Kamman
Follow Danish hunter Jacob Kamman as he tries to bag his dream trophy. Awesome film about hunting ibex in Kyrgyzstan.

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