The story behind the image: Hunting whitetail in Finland

Whitetails were first imported to Finland from Minnesota in 1934. From that one buck and his four does, the population has grown massively and these days the annual harvest is over 20,000 animals.

We live in the heart of the Finnish whitetail area and therefore whitetail hunting is closest to our hearts. Ville took the picture of Juha on a snowy swamp looking for his way to a new spot for a driven hunt in south-west Finland last week.

“The deer are about to come any minute to your spot and the excitement is incredible.”

For the driven hunts we use dachshunds who drive the animals very slowly so the deer are usually only 100-200 meters ahead of the dog. The slowly approaching bark of the dog makes you aware that the deer are about to come any minute to your spot and the excitement is incredible. That day we hunted with a small group of hunters and managed to get few whitetails.

“Hunting means great friendships.”

Hunting means everything to us. It’s part of the everyday life in the countryside. The whole year revolves around hunting activities, but it’s not just the hunting. This also involves game and habitat management, scouting, photographing, observing, conservation and so on.

Hunting also means great friendships as we try to go out hunting as much as we can with good friends and enjoy good food that the forest provides afterwards.


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