Video: An incredible 3D-sound deer hunting experience [promoted]

Video: An incredible 3D-sound deer hunting experience [promoted]

Put on your headphones, turn the sound up and take part in this incredible 3D-sound deer hunting experience. A truly immersive stalk in the forest - in collaboration with SecureEar by Sivantos.

While wearing traditional ear muffs that encase the whole ear can result in a lost sense of spatial awareness when hunting, in-ear hearing protection means you still have your earlobes free to direct sound into your ear, keeping your spatial awareness.

This keeps you aware of your surroundings – which is crucial for a successful hunt.

Illustration 1

Sound flow to ears with SecureEar by Sivantos

The sound for this video was created by using a binaural microphone, which has two microphones embedded in its silicone ears to simulate the detailed sound picture you get from wearing in-ear hearing protection on a deer stalk.

These pick up sounds in a similar way to your ears, creating spatial awareness on playback and tricking your brain into feeling as if you’re in the middle of a scene, in this case a Danish deer stalk.

Illustration 2

Sound flow to ears with traditional ear muffs

From the crunch of the undergrowth, to the circling sound of birds above, this brand new video puts you straight in the middle of a deer stalk.

With sweeping shots of the beautiful Danish countryside, this fully immersive experience is enough to make any hunter wish that they were out stalking.

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  • Detailed sound and good spatial awareness
  • Loud noises reduced by up to 35 dB
  • Amplifies the soft sounds important for hunting
  • Batteries last up to 230 hours
  • Moulded exactly to your individual ear shape
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